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Worthington Industries’ Supplier of the Year

Wauseon, OH – August 2016 –

“Customer Service is the lifeblood of any organization. Everything flows from it and is nourished by it. Customer Service is not a department – it’s an attitude.”

If asked what Wauseon Machine prides itself on most, the answer that immediately comes to mind is “Customer Service”. Without it, we would just be an average supplier. With it, we establish a sense of partnership with our customers that keep them coming back.

It’s Customer Service that set Wauseon Machine apart from Worthington Industries’ suppliers in 2015 resulting in the receipt of two awards, one of which only 200 suppliers were eligible for!

During their Supplier Awards Banquet in May 2016, we were presented the “2015 Certified Supplier” award for the second consecutive year. To earn the Certified Supplier status, several quality benchmarks must be achieved as outlined in Worthington’s “Supplier Quality Program”.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the most prestigious award of the night was presented – “Supplier of the Year“. The recipient of this award must comply with Worthington Industries’ Company Philosophy, which is based on their Golden Rule: “We treat our customers, employees, investors and suppliers, as we would like to be treated.”

Following a humbling speech that outlined the ways that the award recipient fulfilled Worthington’s Company Philosophy,

Wauseon Machine was presented the 2015 “Supplier of the Year” award!

On Friday, July 29th, representatives from Worthington Industries traveled to our plant in Wauseon, Ohio to present the Supplier of the Year Award in the presence of many of the Wauseon Machine employees who played an integral role in achieving the award. Following the award presentation, Worthington provided ice cream treats for all to enjoy!