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Case Studies

Robotic Tended Swage End Forming of Aluminum Tube for the Military Industry

The pictured aluminum swaged tube is used within a military application. Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing designed, manufactured the tooling, and used our 64EE robot tended machine to endform the tubes. This advanced piece of equipment was able to hold an overall close tolerance of ±.010″, and a ±1° tolerance on all tube angles. Meeting client requirements, we produced over 30,000 swaged tubes for the military application.

Along with designing the tooling to end form the parts, our engineers also designed a custom gauge that was used to check the swage length and outer diameter of all 30,000 tubes. After end-forming the parts, we had black anodize applied to the tubes before shipping to our customer’s facility. The swaged tubes met with absolute client satisfaction and fulfilled high military standards.

Robotic Tended Swage End Forming of Aluminum Tube for the Military Industry Specifications

Capabilities Applied/Processes Tooling Design by Wauseon Machine
End Forming
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 64EE Robot Tended End Forming Machine
Can also be ran on 1003 or 1003EL End Forming Machine
Overall Part Dimensions Wall Thickness: .035″
O.A.L.: 6.00″
O.D.: Ø.494″
Formed End O.D.: Ø.424″
Formed End Angle: 5° & 30°
Tightest Tolerances ±.010″
Material Used 6063/T832 Aluminum
Material Finish Black Anodize
In process testing/inspection performed Checked the Swage Length and Swage O.D. with Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing designed custom gauge
Estimated Part Weight .02 kg
.05 lb
.8 oz
Industry for Use Military
Quantity 30,000 pieces, one-time low volume production run
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Swaged Tube