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Robotic Integration

Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing has been an exclusive Integrator of FANUC Robotics for over 20 years. There are many advantages to integrating robots. With the ability to perform a variety of tasks, the use of robots can decrease cost and waste material while increasing production. Robotic automation also allows companies to achieve higher accuracy, quality, and safety.

Robotic Experience

  • 425+ robot integrations
  • Level IV Integrator (highest achievable)
  • Certified Service Provider
  • Certified Vision Specialist

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Wauseon Machine has a large library of material handling / part transfer applications. Regardless of your part’s characteristics, our engineering team is able to quickly draw parallels between past and current projects to provide you with a proven solution.
Integrating a FANUC robot into your machine tending application can be ideal in situations where parts are too small to be loaded efficiently by a human operator, or too large to be handled by hand.
Precision and flexibility are important factors in an assembly application, and FANUC robots provide both. Additionally, repeatability tolerances that are unachievable by a human operator can be reached with a FANUC robot, providing you with multiple benefits when automating your assembly process.
From depalletizing water jugs and engine blocks to palletizing sheet metal and plastic trays, we have experienced an array of product handling requirements. FANUC’s palletizing robots possess payload capacities of 6kg to 1200kg and are equipped with iRVision to allow more flexibility in your process.
WMM is one of the leaders in dispensing applications. Our robotic dispensing systems can be built to include closed loop fluid monitoring, servo dispense nozzles, and vision inspection to verify the process. We work with a variety of dispensing material, including RTV, silicones, and glues. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your dispensing project.

Since 2008, we have been a Certified Service Provider for FANUC robots. We have a highly trained staff of engineers and technicians dedicated to the FANUC product. One key benefit of working with a Certified Service Provider is receiving support from the same supplier for the life of the project, from design to installation to service.

As a Level IV Certified Service Provider, Wauseon Machine’s services range from supplying a robot handtool to a turnkey system, as well as the following robotic services and capabilities:

  • Authorized to provide warranty and repair of FANUC products
  • Dedicated mechanical and electrical design engineers
  • Systems designed, fabricated, built, and programmed in-house
  • Design, simulation, and programming support
  • Spare parts inventory & field service

Wauseon Machine has a dedicated team of field service technicians and the ability to provide support on our products via remote access. We offer preventive maintenance on machinery and FANUC robots, as well as troubleshooting assistance, spare parts, and general maintenance. Should you require programming changes to your equipment or robot, our engineering staff is positioned to effectively meet your requirements in our facility or yours.