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Our mission is to increase the effectiveness of your processes. We do not fear the unknown, and we take every step possible to help you accomplish your unique manufacturing goals by providing the best technology options available, including simulation, vision, DCS safety software, high accuracy line tracking, force sensing, 3D Vision area sensing for bin picking, and Collaborative robots. 

Wauseon Machine is proud of its proactive investment and education in automation technology. You can count on our experience to provide a proven solution. Contact us for more information. 

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Our simulation modeling capabilities allow us to test the range-of-motion, reach, process sequence, and cycle time in the design phase well before actual fabrication begins in robotic automation projects. In addition, we will verify payloads & inertias of the robot handtool while also analyzing motor performance based upon duty cycle and all the aforementioned variables.
We can integrate and support vision products including, but not limited to, Cognex, Banner, KEYENCE, OMRON, and FANUC. As a FANUC Certified Vision Specialist, our engineering staff is experienced in utilizing today’s vision technology. Vision is primarily used to determine part location, orientation, and presence, and it can also perform error proofing. We will use 2D and 3D systems based upon the application. Approximately 30% of the systems that we integrated include some type of vision product.
DCS Safety
DCS stands for Dual Check Safety, which is a hardware/software combination that allows us to integrate a non-collaborative industrial robot into a safe collaborative system. The system protects operators who must periodically work within a robot cell without interrupting the process that the robot is performing.
High Accuracy Line Tracking
For automated systems that require a robot to handle product from a moving conveyor, High Accuracy Line Tracking is essential. This option allows the robot to adjust to the changing speed of the conveyor to perform a more accurate product pick.
Force Sensing
Force sensors can enhance accuracy and repeatability in applications such as assembly and material removal. A FANUC Force Sensor can be mounted on a fixture or directly onto the robot faceplate, dependent upon the application, and is available in multiple sizes for us on a variety of robot models.
Collaborative Robots
A collaborative robot is integrated to work in tandem with a human in a safe environment. There are four levels of collaboration as defined by ISO and RIA standards. The foundation of integrating a collaborative robot starts with a safety risk assessment. This will determine peripheral safety devices, if needed, to allow a human and robot to interact safely. Based upon our 20+ years of experience building robotic systems, we are an ideal partner for your collaborative application.
3D Area Sensor & Bin Picking
The 3DAS option allows a robot to acquire a three-dimensional view of parts by projecting light patterns onto the area, then evaluating the curvature of the patterns with iRVision cameras to learn the location and depth of a part prior to attempting to pick it. This technology is ideal for bin picking applications, but can be used in any situations where parts may be randomly stacked on top of one another.
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