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Custom Equipment

Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing’s wide range of capabilities allows us to build equipment to your specific requirements completely in-house. We are a vertically integrated company with a fully-staffed mechanical and electrical engineering department, a dedicated CNC machining facility, fabrication capabilities including weld and paint, and the ability to provide programming, installation, and service after the sale. Both fixed and robotic automation can be integrated to most equipment. As a Level IV Certified Service Provider and Certified Vision Specialist with FANUC Robots, we are among the most qualified integrators to handle your project.

Many of our assembly machines feature small footprints which provide you with an easy to transport machine. Some examples of custom assembly machines we have built include bracket assembly, gasket assembly, band seal assembly, tube assembly, and push nut assembly, among many others.
We have experience implementing part marking technology, such as laser, dot peen, scribe markers, and print/apply labelers, into our custom equipment. Ferrous / non-ferrous metal and plastic parts can be marked with part numbers, bar codes, logos, or any other required marking.
Wauseon Machine has built leak testing equipment for tube assemblies and castings. Tube assemblies can be plastic, or ferrous / non-ferrous metal. This equipment can be customized to handle parts based on passing or failing the leak test. For example, the machine can destroy parts that fail and allow parts that pass to continue along a conveyor.

We can customize our standard 20 and 30 ton presses to meet your requirements, either as a stand-alone machine or as part of a larger, multi-process customized machine. If our standard presses are not ideal for your application, we will design and build a press around your specifications. We are able to integrate electric or hydraulic force over distance monitoring.

Part Feeding
Many of our custom machines include some form of part feeding. We have experience with many part feeding methods including vibratory bowls, step feeders, inline feeders, and flex feeders.
Inline Transfer Machines
High volume, low mix parts are ideal for a custom inline transfer machine. Workstations are positioned in a straight line to allow the maximum number of operations to be performed at a high rate of production.

Does your equipment have worn components or outdated software? We can overhaul your existing equipment with updated pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric systems. We can upgrade your controls and address any cosmetic issues. Machine rebuilds often result in less downtime, more reliable equipment, and increased throughput.


Wauseon Machine offers on-site and off-site comprehensive training on our standard and custom equipment, and on FANUC robots.

Field Service & Support

Wauseon Machine has a dedicated team of field service technicians and the ability to provide support on our products via remote access. We offer preventive maintenance, troubleshooting assistance, spare parts, and general maintenance. If you require programming changes to your equipment or robot, our engineering staff is positioned to effectively meet your requirements in our facility or yours.

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