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Material Handling

Material Handling is simply using automation to move product from point A to point B. Flexible automation, such as an industrial robot, is ideal for material handling applications, and incorporating an industrial robotic arm into your manufacturing process can provide numerous benefits. Reliability, safety, quality, productivity, and efficiency improvements are among the several reasons our customers turn to robots in manufacturing.


Wauseon Machine integrates material handling solutions as a core competency. Solutions that we design and build include ancillary equipment that must work together seamlessly with a robot. This includes conveyor systems, part tracking technologies, labeling/marking, and other peripheral equipment. Technologies we also integrate include 2D and 3D vision, force sensing, and parts feeding to ensure the ultimate flexibility.

Wauseon Machine has been a FANUC Authorized Systems Integrator for over 20 years. FANUC is one of the world’s leading factory automation companies, and we are among their top integrators in the United States.

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