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Precision and flexibility are important factors in an assembly application, and systems designed and integrated by Wauseon Machine provides both. Additionally, repeatability tolerances that are unachievable by a human operator can be reached with a FANUC robot, providing you with multiple benefits when automating your assembly process.


A successful assembly robot solution involves more than just a reliable industrial robotic arm. The overall integration of ancillary machinery, tooling, and fixturing affects the success and uptime of a robotic system. Wauseon Machine is an ideal robotic systems integration partner because of the vertical integration provided by our in-house CNC machine shop capabilities. Additionally, we have experience with a variety of auxiliary equipment including:

When a system is only as good as its weakest piece of equipment, having an integrator that understands the role of part feeding in an assembly process is critical. Wauseon Machine and manufacturing excels in this area.

Our experience with automated assembly machines and robotic systems positions us as a leader in assembly applications. We are an Authorized System Integrator (ASI), Certified Vision Specialist, and Certified Service Provider for FANUC Robots. Contact us today to talk about your application.

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