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Case Studies

Preventing Breakage in Endform Tooling for the Fluid Transfer Product Industry

A long-time customer and manufacturer of tube assemblies for fluid transfer products was experiencing problems with a set of endform tooling that was originally designed by another company.

This particular set of endform tooling was causing delays in production because components of the set were constantly breaking.

We have been improving our approach to endform tooling development and growing our library of tooling design work for over 25 years, so when we learned of the breakage issues our customer was experiencing with their original tooling design, we quickly provided recommendations on material and coatings that would reduce the occurrence of breakage and improve the overall tooling life.

Our customer recently notified us that they are very satisfied with the way their new set of tooling is working, and they would like to continue using the material and coating recommendations on all of their future tooling orders.

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