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Committed to providing our clients with the most leading edge technology, Wauseon Machine offers advanced Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) services that allow us to create intricate and difficult to machine work pieces. EDM is a material removal process where elaborate shapes can be formed through a series of rapidly recurring current discharges generated by two electrodes.

As one of the most accurate manufacturing processes available, Electrical Discharge Machining can form complex geometries and delicate profiles within parts, while meeting ultra tight tolerances. To better serve our clients’ product requirements, we offer two types of EDM services: Wire EDM and Sinker/Ram EDM.

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EDM Equipment List

Equipment TypeMax. Work PieceQuantity
Wire EDMsX=23” Y=15” Z=12”6
Sinker/Ram EDMsX=24” Y=14” Z=10”2