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Case Studies

Design and Integration of Robotic End Forming Workcell for the Tube Fabricating Industry

The workcell pictured was made by Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing for the tube fabrication industry.  We integrated a Fanuc M6iB robot into the system for the loading and unloading of end formers. Before manufacturing the workcell, we used Roboguide Simulation software to create a cell layout. In addition, we generated a series of plans and elevation views to ensure the unit would be manufactured to exact customer specifications.

Wauseon Machine’s top engineering team manufactured all of the various workcell components, including the central control panel, which housed an Allen Bradley Panel View 600 HMI. We also made all end of arm tooling and perimeter guarding. Once the necessary workcell parts were fabricated, we transported the components to our customer’s facility, where the final equipment was set-up and installed. This project was completed within a short, 12- to 16-week lead time.

The finished workcell measures 15’ x 20’, and can run tubing of various diameters from 3/8” to ¾”. The FANUC robot performs the following functions:

The robot can complete this cycle within 12 seconds. Wauseon Machine designed, manufactured, and integrated a robotic end forming workcell that fulfilled all of our client’s requirements for high performance and quality.

Capabilities Applied/Processes Integration

  • Cell Layout w/ Roboguide Simulation Software
  • Plan, and Elevation View
  • Central Control Panel w/ Allen Bradley Panel View 600 HMI
  • End of Arm Tooling
  • Perimeter Guarding
  • Set-Up Equipment at Customer Facility
Tube Dimensions To Run Tube Diameters of:
Workcell Components Vertical/Horizontal Gravity Track Tube Loader M6iB Robot

  • 6 Degrees of Freedom
  • ±.08 mm Repeatability
  • Up to 10 kg Payload at Wrist

Unload Tray

Workcell Function Robot Transfers Tube from Loader to End Former
Unloads End Formed Tube and Loads Tube From Loader
Robot Transfers End Formed Tube to End Finisher
Unloads Tube and Loads Tube from End Former
Robot Transfers Grooved Tube to End Former
Unloads Tube and Loads Tube From End Finisher
Robot Transfers Tube from End Finisher to Unload Tray
Cycle Time 12 Seconds
Industry for Use Manufacturing
Turn Around Time 12-16 Weeks
Product Name Robotic End Forming Workcell