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We understand the importance of quality within your supply chain, which is why it’s built into our production system. Throughout the duration of your project, your standards are our priority. Quality checks are installed at every phase of our operation including design, purchase, scheduling, final inspection, and packaging.

Our metrology labs ensure precise validation of difficult to measure dimensions utilizing the following equipment and a computer documented and controlled gage calibration system:

“Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing has been certified by ASR since September 5, 2000. Wauseon Machine’s quality management system and operational controls have continued to improve. The organization has adapted and modified its system to adjust to customer demands and to fluctuating market conditions. This is a reflection of WMM’s commitment to their quality management system, employees, and customers. ASR is proud to be Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing’s partner in achieving business excellence!”

–David Gawlak, American Systems Registrar


Quality Policy

Wauseon Machine will strive to provide defect free products to our customers, on time and with superior customer service.

Quality Objectives

Wauseon Machine will provide our customers with:

These objectives will be accomplished through employee involvement and leadership review of measurables that will be posted each month. These measurables will be the driving force for continuous improvement.

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