Value Plus Services

With wide-ranging expertise and capabilities, Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing features instrumentation and equipment to provide expanded machining services, including heat treat furnaces, tempering furnaces, vertical saws, horizontal saws, honing, black oxide systems, and carbinite machines. In addition, we feature MasterCam 2018 and SolidWorks CAD software for maximum flexibility and precision in design and execution of our services.

Our heat treating and tempering services are carried out in furnaces that can reach temperatures as high as 2100° F. Heat treating and tempering are an important component of any metal manufacturing project, as the qualities of the base material must often be modified to meet customer standards, especially after the machining process has been completed. Heat treating and tempering are efficient ways to improve product strength and hardness, or to soften metals per application requirements.

In addition to our machining, milling, and other metalforming services, we can achieve precision cuts and features using our horizontal and vertical saws. Vertical saws and horizontal saws are useful for finishing services or full production operations. If material property conversions are required, our black oxide coating services provide the solution.

MasterCam 2018 and SolidWorks are important components of any design and production shop, and our expertise with these programs is second to none. They provide the final piece of our full-service offering, and are available to develop a concept or to modify existing designs. For more information on all of our services, please contact Wauseon Machine today!

Additional Services – Heat treat furnaces, Tempering furnaces, Vertical/Horizontal Saws, Solid Works CAD and More

  • Heat Treat Furnaces
  • Tempering Furnaces
  • Laser Etching Capability
  • FARO Edge Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) with Laser Scanner Attachment
  • Vertical/Horizontal Saws
  • Honing
  • Carbinite Machine
  • MasterCam 2018 for Mills, Wire EDM, and Lathe
  • Solid Works Cad Program